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What is Download Code?

Our Download Code is either eight(8) or Ten(10) unique characters.

How To Get Download Code?

  1. Ensure that your topic is on this website
  2. Pay our service charge
  3. Visit HOME page
  4. Click on "Submit Payment" button on our home page
  5. Then fill in your payment details, topic, email address, phone number, etc and click on submit button.
  6. You will receive "DOWNLOAD CODE" between 5 minutes and 6 hours.

How To Use The Download Code?

  1. If you have received "Download Code", click on "Download" button on top of this website, then select "Download Full Material Now" button to proceed
  2. or


  3. Enter your Download Code in the spaces provided and click on "Download Now" button.
  4. Then allow the material to download instantly in your computer system.

Please, use computer system to download the material

Does The Download Code Expires?

Yes. The download code expires after 30 days. You are expected to download the full material immidiately you received the download code. You will not be allowed to download after 30days.

Can I Download More Than One Topic?

Yes. You can download more than one topic from this website. You have to order for two or more download codes if the topics are on this website. One download code is for one material.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Download Code?

It takes between 5 minutes and 6hours. This is to enable us receive your payment from our bank. Instant / Online Payment is faster than bank deposit.

Can I Use My Mobile Phone To Download?

Yes, if you mobile phone will be able to access DOC and PDF files. Most mobile phones would be able to download the full materials. But we recommend COMPUTER.