UniProjects Freelance Researcher / Writer Terms of Service

This Freelance Researcher Agreement (with the UniProjects Terms & Privacy Policy) is deemed effective by the use of the UniProjects.Net and other UniProjects mobile and web platforms between the researcher and UniProjects (a subsidiary of DavPro Universal Services Ltd) a company situated at Portharcourt, Nigeria.

UniProjects.Net is an Africa focused online academic research library (hereinafter referred to as "UniProjects") - consisting of web sites, mobile platform & applications, academic research services, software applications and networks - that allows for the authorized upload, download, sharing, outsourcing and distribution of written digital academic and literary content over the internet (the "UniProjects Platform"). Terms for "UniProjects" and the "UniProjects Platform" apply to any site or mobile application owned and operated by DavPro Ltd, including UniProjects.Net, UniProjects mobile applications and any other UniProjects owned platform.
b) Researchers on the UniProjects platform are freelancers who may choose one or two academic disciplines to provide academic writings in response to the submitted requests of clients subject to the approval and dictates of UniProjects
c) The following Terms outline the conditions for freelance researchers who provide quality academic writings in response to the needs and demands of the user clients (students, scholars etc)

In consideration of the foregoing any freelance researcher/vendor on the UniProjects platform covenants and agrees to the terms and conditions spelt out in this document as follows;

a) Upon registration as a Freelance researcher/vendor and approval by the UniProjects Administrator a researcher/vendor shall be able to work on research requests (projects, thesis, seminar, papers, and essays) submitted by users as well as upload genuine academic works for which he has the copyrights to. A researcher/vendor shall be able to fix the price for any academic work which he uploads to the UniProjects platform within the price range specified on the site.
c) A researcher/vendor can only handle academic work from course areas or disciplines where he has competence
d) Researchers are required to complete and upload any research work they take up within the time frame stipulated against the research work
e) Researcher shall be rated based on the quality of works by users and researchers whose quality rating are deemed too low by the UniProjects team may be suspended from further uploading work or acting as a researcher on the platform.
f) A researcher/vendor is entitled to 70% of the amount for which any and all his uploaded work is sold while UniProjects shall keep the rest.
g) Researchers are paid their monthly earnings from the 15th of the following month and payment shall be via bank transfers for researchers resident in Nigeria or wire transfers for foreign based researchers. Payment threshold is N5,000 so monthly earnings less than N5,000 shall be rolled over to the next month.

a) A researcher/vendor, on submission of any research work done by him to the UniProjects platform, retains copyright of the work but gives UniProjects digital distribution rights to the research work in return for the fee he is to be paid on sales of the work and grants UniProjects right to publish and distribute in any format, all such documents submitted to UniProjects.
b) The researcher also agrees to indemnify UniProjects in the event of any claims arising from his use of any information from other sources in the writing of his research work
c) The researcher is responsible for ensuring that all research writings and works submitted by him to the UniProjects platform do not contravene any copyrights/intellectual property rights and do not plagiarise any work duly belonging to others. In the event that a researcher submits any work and copyright issues arise the researcher agrees that UniProjects shall not be held responsible as the researcher shall be fully responsible for all actions arising from the breach of copyrights

The Researcher agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless UniProjects and each of its respective directors, officers, employees and agents (each such person being called a "UniProjects Indemnitee") against, and to hold each Indemnitee harmless from, any and all losses, claims, damages, liabilities and related expenses, including counsel fees, charges and disbursements, incurred by or asserted against any UniProjects Indemnitee arising out of, in any way connected with, or as a result of any and all third party damages occasioned by researcher's breach of copyright and intellectual property laws in the compilation of any research work

a) A researcher/vendor can fix the price for any academic work submitted or uploaded by him within the price range specified and shall be entitled to 70% of total sales of all his works on UniProjects. A researcher/vendor is also entitled to 70% of bid (amount) submitted on fresh writing request, when their bid is accepted by the client and they complete the work. Researchers are able to view their daily, weekly and monthly sales report from their dashboard.
b) UniProjects will issue payment for each month's earning from the 15th of the following month. Payment threshold is N5,000 thus monthly earnings below N5,000 will be rolled over to the next month.
f) Payment is via Bank Transfer for Researchers domiciled in Nigeria and via Check or Wire Transfer for Researchers domiciled outside Nigeria. For check payments applicable courier/post deductions are made.

This agreement is effective from July 2, 2013 and binds on a researcher who signs up as writer/vendor on the UniProjects platform.
b) UniProjects reserves the right to terminate or suspend any researcher's account for any length of time, at any period without prior notice to the researcher and has the right to do so for any reasons which it deems cogent.
c) UniProjects reserves the right to suspend a Researcher from UniProjects platform for any of the following reasons;
- Consistent low quality work
- Repeatedly submitting research work behind schedule
- breaching copyright in the writing of research work for the UniProjects platform

- submitted someones content without their permission or for any other reasons which the UniProjects Team deems fit for the integrity of the UniProjects platform.

Any suspended or terminated writer/researcher/vendor will not receive pending commision and will not be allowed to register again.

In the event that either party is unable to perform any of its obligations under this Agreement or to enjoy any of its benefits because of any event beyond the control of the affected party including, but not limited to, natural disaster, acts of God, actions or decrees of governmental bodies or failure of communications lines or networks (a "Force Majeure Event"), the party who has been so affected shall promptly give written notice to the other party and shall use its best efforts to resume performance. Upon receipt of such notice, all obligations under this Agreement shall be immediately suspended for the duration of such Force Majeure Event.