Marketing Of Church Service

(A Case Study Of Catholic Church In Enugu Metropolis)

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Marketing of church services are established to deliver services to the people of God. Are these services made to satisfy the congregation themselves or the priests.
The researcher observed that the marketing of church services have some services to render and they encounter some difficulties in rendering that services like language, concentration from the audience, noise etc and the researcher also prefers solutions to these problems.
Every business organization has its aim and objectives and the same involved in marketing of church services. The concept of marketing mix are also applicable in church service like project petering, promotion and distribution(place).
A number of past related literatures examined by other studies as it relates to the application of marketing concept in church services.
Chapter three deals with the design of the study, the method used in collecting relevant data. It also shows how a questionnaire were distributed and the treatment of data and information get was analyzed and interpreted.
Finally, the summary of findings, conclusion on the research and recommendation made by the researcher are all in chapter five.
If priests should put the recommendations made into practice, the marketing of church services should be improved and the priest should be trained before engaging in church services.
Table of Content
Cover Page
Title Page
Approval Page
Table Of Contents

Chapter One
1.1 Introduction

1.2 Background Of The Study
1.3 Statement Of The Problem
1.4 Purpose Of The Study
1.5 Significance Of The Study
1.6 Research Question
1.7 Delimitation

Chapter Two
2.0 Literature Review

Chapter Three
3.0 Design Of Research And Methodology

3.1 Assumption
3.2 Sources Of Data
a) Primary Data
b) Secondary Data
3.3 Data Collection
3.4 Population Of The Study
3.5 Sample Size Determination
3.6 Questionnaire Administration And Respondents
3.7 Method Of Data Treatment And Analysis

Chapter Four
4.0 Introduction

4.1 Service Of The Church
4.2 Rendering Of Services Properly
4.3 Measuring The Degree Of Performance
4.4 The Reason Why There Is Poor Rendering Of Church Service
4.5 The Recommended Language
4.6 The Cause Of Lack Of Concentration
4.7 The Cause Of Noise In Church Service
4.8 The Pastor Should Go For More Training
4.9 Research Question Analysis

Chapter Five
5.0 Summary, Conclusion And Recommendation


Chapter One
Chapter One of Marketing Of Church Service Project Material starts from here.

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The church as a universal entity has from the beginning of history of man exalted must influence in the development of humanity. The church (Dr Ludwig Ott: 270) is a designation for the Christian cult- structure since the beginning of the fourth century. In the profane sense, it designates the ssembly of the people, the civil community or any kind of gathering of people but in the religion sense it means the community of God. Other synonymous designation is the kingdom of heaven, kingdom of God church, house of God. But the Roman catechism supported by St. Augustine. (Psalms 149 . 3) gives the following definition of the concept “ The Church is the faithful of all the whole world”.
In the contemporary, we have the churches in every nook and cranny of the world. Each without doubt has gone into massive advertising with commercial jingles and messages competing for our attention daily.
The catholic church is not left out in this drive, she has embrace the whole teachings of Christ for marketing all over the religious, economic, social, political and even cultural teachings is in the market.
In the mystic Corporis Pope Pius XII Encyclical 1943 described the true church of Christ as the holy Catholic, Apostolic Roman church. And St Paul in one of his teachings says that believer (church) is the body of Christ and that Christ is the head of the body, therefore he vividly depicts the inner spiritual connection between Christ and his church restored by faith, charity and grace.

Virtually in every street of our urban town as well as in the rural there are one form of church or the other. Obviously, these churches have one common theme; massive evangelization. They preach good virtues and no matter the number of services they hold, so is the church ground filled to the brim epitomizing mass fellowship, good fellowship indeed.
But a look at the other side of the story is like opening a can of warm- corruption, bribery, armed robbery, prostitution, child sales. The list is endless. Then an avid scholar will be forced to imagine where this evil perpetrator came from. Is it not the same “Good follower” that indulge in this crime.
Indeed, it is the phenomena that lured the researcher to dive in as the unearth the problems associated in marketing of church services using church in Enugu diocese as case study.

From all that has been written above, it is the aim of this study to take a segment of the church services provider to study the approaches of churches to their members.
 To identify the problems associated in the marketing of church services.
 If the church members are satisfied with the service provided by the church.
 To understand and evaluate the activities provided by the church.
 Whether or not the church service providers apply effective marketing of church services to members.
 To formulate marketing of service strategies and make recommendation that would be more effective in the marketing of church services.
 To proffer solutions to these problems.
 What are their effects.
 What are the remote and immediate causes.

The marketing of church services is very cardinal in shaping the socio-cultural pattern of our life. From the day man was created and put in the garden of Eden, she has code of conduct to abide by. The psychological life is also influenced by the church.
Infact, the manifestation of the church services was discerned from the consequently, we regard this topic as relevant and useful.
 It is expected to provide additional insight to the problems and service as research experience upon which further policies could be guided for efficient and effective marketing of services.
 It is expected to guide prospective pastors and preachers on their vocation.
 It is expected to add to the growing body of literature on the subject

It is the objective of the study to fully understand and give answers to the following research questions:
 What are the consequences of church service on social, economic and marketing development in Enugu metropolis.
 What marketing activities should be put in place to address the problem of church service in Enugu.
 How is the relation between members and the church authority.
 Does the church provide the necessary service to its members.
 What are the reactions of members as regards to the service provided by the church.
 What is the amount of time spent in providing the church services.
 What are the solutions to the problems.

Church services tend to be most facilitating factor in social marketing, economic marketing development in Enugu.

The scope of this study is very wide if it has to be carried out in all churches. However, the time is limited based on the fact that there is no time material resources to see to the whole nation. This study is limited to the catholic church in Enugu metropolis and the findings may not reflect the situation in the whole country. These findings may not be valid for the whole churches in Nigeria, but no matter what happen in Enugu metropolis can be said to apply to other church.
The study faced a number of constraints, first there was scarcity of literature relating marketing of church services.
Second, there was inadequacy of funds to type, photocopying and building the final draft of the book or project.
Third, a list of academic committee which left as with little or no time to move around for the relevant information. Finally, the refusal by the IMT Enugu Library(references section) to lend out already written work which could have helped.

Chapter One of Marketing Of Church Service Project Material ends here.

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Chapter Two
Chapter two of this Marketing Of Church Service” research work is available. Order Full Work to download. Chapter Two of “Marketing Of Church Service Contains: Literature Review.
Chapter Three
Chapter three of this Marketing Of Church Service” academic work is available. Order Full Work to download. Chapter Three of “Marketing Of Church Service Contains: Design Of Research And Methodology, Assumption, Sources Of Data, Primary Data, Secondary Data, Data Collection, Population Of The Study, Sample Size Determination, Questionnaire Administration And Respondents And Method Of Data Treatment And Analysis.
Chapter Four
Chapter four of this Marketing Of Church Service project work is available. Order Full Work to download. Chapter Four of Marketing Of Church Service Contains: Introduction, Service Of The Church, Rendering Of Services Properly, Measuring The Degree Of Performance, The Reason Why There Is Poor Rendering Of Church Service, The Recommended Language, The Cause Of Lack Of Concentration, The Cause Of Noise In Church Service, The Pastor Should Go For More Training And Research Question Analysis.
Chapter Five
Chapter five of this Marketing Of Church Service material is available. Order Full Work to download. Chapter Five of Marketing Of Church Service Contains: Summary, Conclusion, Recommendation And Bibliography.