Problems Of Managing Public Sector

(A Case Study Of Nta Television Authority Aba Abia State)

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It is a fact that there are some factors that are responsible for the poor performance of public sector in Abia state. Public sector play a vital role in the Abia state n economy and also in the lines of the people.
Public sector is like an organization that is motivated by a number of tractors in government either state or federal to utilize input like raw-materials, land and man-power in the production of physical or tangible products for their consumer satisfaction. The primary objective of carryout this study, is to critically examine the factors responsible for the poor performance of public sector in Abia state The various functions, achievements, etc. contributes to individuals as well as the sectors of the economy.
This study would examine the evolution of public sector from inception to date, to lay more emphasis on the importance and gains of public sector in the rural area and take a look at the problems and suggestions to solve these problems.
This project is also needed, in order to see how public sector can be of assistance t the rural sectors and to the country of large.
It is likewise needed to serve as a prerequisite for the establishment of more manufacture industries. This study can be used to study the extent of program of the federal government and public sector have made in their efforts to see equal distribution of manufacture industries in Abia state .
Table of Content
Title page
Table of content


1.1 Background of the study
1.2 Statement of problems
1.3 Objective of the study
1.4 Scope of the study
1.5 Research questions
1.6 Formulation of hypothesis
1.7 Significant of the study
1.8 Definition of terms


2.1 Brief history of the study
2.2 Concept of industrialization
2.3 Objectives of public sector
2.4 The role of public sector in the economic development of Abia state
2.5 Classification of industry
2.6 Location of industrial estate in Abia state
2.7 Source of funds for public sector
2.8 Support giver to public sector by ministry of industry Problem of managing public sector
2.11 Prospect of public sector


3.1 Research design
3.2 Area of study
3.3 Population for the study
3.4 Sample and sampling procedure
3.5 Instrument for data collection
3.6 Reliability of instrument
3.7 Method of administration of instrument
3.8 Method of data analysis


4.1 Introduction
4.2 Presentation of data in accordance with the research question.
4.3 Analysis of data
4.4 Discussion of results


5.1 Discussion of Results
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Recommendations

Chapter One
Chapter One of Problems Of Managing Public Sector Project Material starts from here.

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The identify of research has been establish as one of the most powerful tools and a panacea to many of the worlds greatest problems. Research is a good oriented and its goals determine its nature ad form. Government establishment from the inception was meant to give its service to Abia state at a subsidized rate with the impact of our oil revenue.
In recent time, the mismanagement of public sector s has been a subject of debate. This is unconnected with the level of corrupt practices, which has permeated into the veins of wide range of Abia state n populaces.
Since the attainment of independence by west Africa countries, successive governments have taken serious interest in industrialization. Industrialization can be defined on the conversion of an agrarian and commercial society to more comprehensive machinery oriented. Social – economic system.

The NTA is one of the numerous public parastatals set up by the federal government of Abia state primary to provide utility to the public. It undertakes the delivery of document, parcels, keeping of valuables and money perittances. The service rendered by NTA Aba Abia state s (NIPOST) is very crucial and indispensable that all diligence is needed to deliver it to right quality at the right time. Is the improvement in the services that necessitate the use of management concept.
The NTA Aba as a entity in the federal ministry of communication came existence on the first of January 1985 as a department in the ministry by virtue of degree No.18 of 1987 and because of full fliedged autonomous body on July first (1st) 1992 with functional service to the nation at large.

The NTA Aba has lots of problems that militates against effectiveness. The problems in the NTA Aba are poor quality services. Indeed, it is one of the problems that hinder desirable productivity and growth in the NTA Aba, Another problem that is predominant in the NTA Aba is the lackadaisical attitude of workers to work which is negative attitude to work, poor or inadequate support for industrial drive.

All research study is aimed at achieving certain objectives. The objectives of this study include the following.
1) To examine the state of infrastructural development in the country with reference to NTA Aba Abia.
2) To examine the alternative sources of funds and associating costs of public sector with a focus on NTA Aba Abia.
3) To examine the causes of increasing demand for imported goods by Abia state.
4) To recommend how the problems facilitating against Abia state guest for industrialization can be mitigated.

To guide this project work, the following – research questions were formulated to ensure clarify.
(1) What are the required infrastructure necessary for industrial growth and development in Abia state?
(2) What is the state of these infrastructures in Abia state?
(3) What are the alternative sources of funds valuable to finance industrial – projects?
(4) What is the cost of the investible funds?
(5) What are the needed industrial machinery and equipment?
(6) What is the cost of acquiring these machinery and equipment?
(7) What is the level of support by the government
(8) Why the increasing penchant for imported good by Abia state?

This study is designed to cover as much as possible, all aspects of poor performance of the manufacturing industrial with emphasis on the problems and solutions to its poor performance and also the effect of the production aspects of the industries.
The study essentially deals with the application of problem of managing in public sectors. This study is restricted to only NTA Aba Abia.

A lot of problems were encountered during the course of this work. One major constraint to this work was financial constraint. The look for the work and the possible works that can be formed with them could not be achieved in the time frame for this work.

(1) It is hope that when two study is completed, it will assist stake holders in public sector in the management of their business.
(2) It is also hoped that this study will provide a base for other researcher who – provide a base for other researcher who – might want to conduct further researcher on the area of problem of managing , of public sector .
(3) It is hoped that the recommendations of this study would be of empirical – relevance to management, so as to adopt them to suit their objectives.

The following terms are defined in the content in which they are used in this research work.
(1) Industrialization: This is the process of been industrialized
(2) manufacturing: The activity of making things big an industrial process.
(3) Manufacturing: The activity of making things by an industrial process of developing
(4) Performance: The ability to operate efficiently
(5) Problem: Things that are difficult to deal with
(6) Unemployment: The act of not been employed.
(7) Instability: unstable atmosphere
(8) Infrastructure: Basic needs
(9) Revolution: An attempt to change a situation or government
(10) Respondent(s): A person or persons who answer questions
• Management: Means a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they want and need through creatively and exchanging products and values with others. Management is the performance activity that directs the flow of goods from the producers to the consumer.
• Problem of managing : Is defined as customer oriented backed by integrated management aimed at generating customer satisfaction as the key to satisfy organizational goals.
• Customer Satisfaction: Means customer problem solving by giving the customer those goods, services or things of value need at the right price, in the right place and in the right combination.
• Customer Orientation: Means that then markets gears his activities towards customer needs, that has being oriented of learning favourable towards the customer.
• Extrovert Approach: Means a person coming nearer to be more interested in what goes on around him that in his own thoughts and feeling.
• Philatelic Services: Mean expert knowledge of collecting postage stamps.

Chapter One of Problems Of Managing Public Sector Project Material ends here.

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Chapter Two
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Chapter Three
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Chapter Four
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Chapter Five
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