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Risk Management In The Financial Institution

(A Case Study Of Some Selected Banks)

Insurance Project Topics Ins-CD-112 Project Material

A Study Of The Detection And Checks Of Claims Fraud In The Insurance Industry

(A Case Study Of Insurance Company In Enugu State)

Insurance Project Topics Ins-CD-111 Project Material

An Appraisal Of The Role Of Regulatory Bodies In The Insurance Industry

This insurance project in addition to “appraising” these regulatory bodies, will trace the genesis of regulating insurance business and finally...

Insurance Project Topics Ins-CD-110 Project Material

An Evaluation Of The Role Of Ndic To Bank Depositor And Their Services Adequacy

In this insurance project work titled an evaluation of the role of NDIC to bank depositors and their services adequacy...

Insurance Project Topics Ins-CD-109 Project Material

National Health Insurance Scheme (Prospects And Problems)

The intention of this insurance research is to analyse the prospect and problems of National health Insurance scheme...

Insurance Project Topics Ins-CD-108 Project Material

Marketing Of Life Assurance Policies In Nigeria Problems And Prospects Ensuring Positive Consumers Attitude Towards Insurance Contract In Nigeria

In Nigeria, the issue of taking life assurance has been neglected, in the sense that at this present time...

Insurance Project Topics Ins-CD-107 Project Material

Problems Encountered By Intermediaries In The Nigeria Insurance Industry And The Future Prospects

Research has shown that the problems encountered by the intermediaries has an impact on the growth of insurance level in our society...

Insurance Project Topics Ins-CD-105 Project Material

Marketing Concepts A Sure Way Of Enhancing Growth In The Sell Of Insurance Services

The concepts “insurance” has been defined by many authors and from different perspectives but all those definition are emphasizing on one things, that is being a pool of risk ...

Insurance Project Topics Ins-CD-104 Project Material

Risk Management In The Nigerian Financial Institution

(A Case Study Of Some Selected Banks)

Insurance Project Topics Ins-CD-102 Project Material

Appraisal Of The Insurance Companies Approach To Claim Settlement

(A Case Study Of Enugu State)

Insurance Project Topics Ins-CD-101 Project Material
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