Microbiology Project Topics

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Microbiology Project Topics

This Work focus on Effect Of Different Carbon Sources On The Growth Of Antimicrobial...

Microbiology Project Topics

This Research Work focus on Biocontrol Potential Of Bacillus Thuringiensis Isolated From Soil Samples...

(Case Study of Clinic At Unth Itukuozalla)
Microbiology Project Topics

To determine the prevalence of hepatitis C virus in pregnant women attending ante-natal in UNTH Ituku-ozalla. To determine the prevalence of hepatitis virus in people living with HIV and AIDS attending UNTH Ituku-ozalla...

Microbiology Project Topics

This Research Work focus on Antibacterial Activity Of Honey On Staphylococcus Aureusescherichia Coli And Streptococcus Pyogen...

(Case study of Some Ready To Eat Fruits Sold At Oye Emene Enugu State Nigeria)
Microbiology Project Topics

To determine the parasite of medical importance in fruit sold at Orie Emene market in Enugu State. To determine whether washing of fruits with untreated water eliminates the parasites of medical...

Microbiology Project Topics

This Research Work focus on Susceptibilities Of Salmonella Typhi And Other Bacterial Pathogens To Antibiotics...

(Case study of Ogbete Market Enugu)
Microbiology Project Topics

The overall aim of this work is to access selected foods sold by vendors in Ogbete main market Enugu for bacterial contamination...

Microbiology Project Topics

This Work focus on Prevalence And Antimicrobial Susceptibility Of Gram Negative Bacteria...

(Case study of Enugu Metropolis For Human Consumption)
Microbiology Project Topics

To help the public to know the danger of drinking these water without adequate treatment. To compare the microbial load of the water source and advice on safer source of water...

(Case Study Of Antibiotics Drugs Brought In Obiagu, Enugu)
Microbiology Project Topics

To identify causative organism that are delectious to mans health. To determine the potency of the different antibiotics. To know the type of organism sensitive to the different antibiotics...

(Case Study of Some Bottled Soft Drinks Sold In Enugu Interlopes)
Microbiology Project Topics

Aim and objective of this project is to investigation the microbial content of bottled soft drinks by Isolating the microorganisms present in them...

(Case Study Of Enugu)
Microbiology Project Topics

This project research is designed to isolate and identify the common spoilage organisms of suya meat often production thereby ensuring the safety of the population at risk in eating containineted suya meat...

Microbiology Project Topics

This Research Work focus on Onion Is Associated With Micro-Organisms...

(Case Study, UNTH Enugu)
Microbiology Project Topics

To determine the prevalence of fugal infection among the patients of UNTH Enugu. To determine the prevalence of fungal infection among single and married women of different age group patient...

(Case Study Of National Orthopediae Hospital Enugu)
Microbiology Project Topics

To obtain a general view of the group of individual affected whether children or adults. To understand the complex or exorbitant nature of the structure of the hepatitis B virus as well as the debilitating effect it has on the patient...

Microbiology Project Topics

This Research focus on Microbial Evaluation Of Ram Milk From A Diary Farm...

Microbiology Project Topics

This Work focus on Antibacterial Activity Of Three Types Of Medicated Soaps On Staphylococcus Aureus...

Microbiology Project Topics

This Microbiology Research Work focus on Incidence Of Salmonella And Escherichia Coli In Livestock...

Microbiology Project Topics

This Research Work focus on Bacterial Contaminants Associated With Commercial Poultry Feed...

(Case Study Of Idodo River)
Microbiology Project Topics

This work was aimed at assessing microbial coal of Idodo river in Enugu state Nigeria...

(Case Study Of Ogbete Market)
Microbiology Project Topics

To evaluate the microbial organisms of garri in Ogbete market. To characterize for microbial organism of Garri if any to relate the above to personnel hygiene and environmental hygiene...

(A Case Study Of UNTH Enugu)
Microbiology Project Topics

To ascertain the prevalence of streptococcus pneumonia in pneumonia patient using UNTH as a cast study. To determine the aga group and sex that are more susceptible to this infection...

(Citrus Sinensis) On Staphylococcus Aureus And Escherichia Coli Isolated From Wound Infected
Microbiology Project Topics

To determine the antibacterial effect of orange juice (citurs sinensis) on staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli isolated from wound infection.To determine the antimicrotial sensistivity pattern of isolated involved...

(Case Study Of Amagunze Community Nkanu Local Government Area In Enugu)
Microbiology Project Topics

To evaluate the epidermiology of Schistosomiasis among pupil of Ishielu Amagunze in Nkanu local government. To educate the pupils with respect to the disease on the mode of infection...

(A Case Study Of Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic At University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Enugu
Microbiology Project Topics

To determine the significance of age, educational level, occupation, severity and gestational age to the occurance of anaemia in pregnancy...

Microbiology Project Topics

This Microbiology Research Work focus on Isolation And Characterization Of Micro-Organisms...

(Case Study Of Selected Nursing Mothers In Enugu State College Of Education Technical)
Microbiology Project Topics

The objective of this study is to find out the extent to which nursing mothers breastfeed their young ones and to propel those who finds it difficult to breastfeed constantly...

Microbiology Project Topics

The mass media had played a contributory role recently to educate parents in particular and the public in general of family planning programmes...

(Prospects And Problems)
Microbiology Project Topics

The intention of this research is to analyse the prospect and problems of National health Insurance scheme in Nigeria. Which will bring health care for all...

(Case Study Of Enugu State College Of Education (Technical) Enugu)
Microbiology Project Topics

The purpose of this study is to find out the implication of sanitation practices on students health in Enugu State college of Education (technical)...

(Case Study Of “Osumenyi” In Nnewi South L.G.A Anambra State)
Microbiology Project Topics

To determine the prevalence of I. Vaginalis among adults in”Osumenji” in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra state...

(Case Study Of The Enugu Main Water Production And Water Available To IMT Campus Ii Hostel)
Microbiology Project Topics

The objective of this projects is to make comparative analysis of Enugu state water cooperation provide against supplies. To identify contamination microbial advice on measures to control pollution of water bodies etc...

(A Case Study Of Parklane Hospital Enugu)
Microbiology Project Topics

The aim of this research project is to demonstrate the incidence of malaria infestation caused by different species of plasmodium. To identify the commonest species of plasmodium implicated in the attack...

Microbiology Project Topics

This Work focus on Bacterial Contaminants Associated With Commercial Poultry Feed...

Microbiology Project Topics

This Research Work focus on Evaluation Of Current Techniques In Diagnoses Of Human Immunodeficiency Virus...

Microbiology Project Topics

This project work which is all about the fungal infestation of bakery product BREAD, explain the kind or type of fungal organisms that are responsible for the spoilage...

(Case Study Enugu Metropolis 6-12 Yrs)
Microbiology Project Topics

To determine the prevalenble of gastroenteritis in primary school children. To relate the environment of the pupil to the types of diseases which they acquire from it...

Microbiology Project Topics

The isolation and identification of bacteria associated with 150ml sepsis studies were carried out to 250 patients...

Microbiology Project Topics

A total of 60 avocado from Ogbete Main market and New market Enugu were examined ...

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